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Brewery & Restaurant in Downtown Camas

COVID-19 & Current Operations

The health and safety of our employees, customers and community are our top priorities. We have made adjustments to our dining room and patio seating arrangements to comply with state guidelines. Pickup and delivery options are also available.

Pickup & Delivery Options

Beer Delivery Food Delivery (360) 210-5717
* Call for food & beer pickup orders.

Temporary Hours

Monday: 12pm - 7pm Tuesday: 12pm - 7pm Wednesday, June 10: Resume regular hours of operation.


Grains of Wrath Brewery started as an idea and quickly grew into a reality. With our highly experienced team we hope to bring top quality craft beer, fresh & local food, amazing service and a fun brewpub to hang out for many years to come. Learn More...

Starting Our First Summer with a Bang!

After just a few months in operation, GOW brought home several awards form the Washington Beer Awards. Almost 1300 Washington-made beers were submitted for evaluation. Grains of Wrath took 6 medals and Very Small Brewery of the Year!

2019 Washington Beer Awards:

  • Austronaut Vienna-Style Lager - Gold
  • Dystopia IPA - Gold
  • Hefeweizen - Gold
  • Papermaker Pale Ale - Gold
  • Luger Pilsner - Bronze

2019 North American Brewers Awards:

  • Hefeweizen - Bronze
  • Ticklish Warrior Session IPA - Bronze

2018 Great American Brewers Festival:

  • Austronaut Vienna-Style Lager - Bronze

2018 Washington Beer Awards:

  • Luger Pilsner - Gold
  • Overkill IPA - Silver
  • Brewhouse Bully Belgian Dark Strong - Silver
  • Austronaut Vienna-Style Lager - Silver
  • Onslaught Imperial Hazy IPA - Silver
  • Papermaker Pale Ale - Bronze

'Very Small Brewery of the Year'

2018 Washington Beer Awards