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About Grains of Wrath

Camas Gastropub

History does not unfold, it gets rebuilt. As passionate as we are about cutting up top-quality grains into new evolutions of grist to be mashed and brewed into beer, we’re equally as dedicated to making sure we’re honoring the memory of those before us, both in craft and location. Camas is a special place, resting in the foothills of the Columbia River Gorge, with an industry baron-meets-workingman’s past of paper and sawmills, and a small, but passionate auto scene. So when we found a historic auto-shop on the corner-entrance to town dating back to the 30s, we knew we found our headquarters. Salvaging every scrap of timber found for our tables and the subfloor rough cut beams for our bar, once we put the ten-barrel pub system in and cranked open the new garage doors, it’s been an honorable ride pouring pints and tabling foods for our wonderful community.

Portland Brewhouse

If you build it, the barrels will come. Like our Camas HQ, history is everything. Being a part of one of the country’s most groundbreaking craft scenes is not lost upon us. Since our first pint, it’s been a goal to not just have a foothold across-the-river, but to give-back to and carry on the narrative that is the Portland ‘beervana’ scene. Seeded with a little luck and desire to be in Portland, we found a fellow perfect second home in the old Lompoc Brewery in the city’s Fifth Quadrant. Reviving the 23-year-old fixture of the old guard Portland scene, we kept the bones of the mid-century gem in place, which also was once an auto-shop back in its prime. Revving it back up for another journey with a 15-barrel steam system, another set of garage doors and a refurbished kitchen, we are stoked to be able to offer Grains of Wrath, PDX.

Our Award Winning Beers

2021 Great American Beer Festival:

  • Frost Hammer Helles Lager – Gold
  • Ticklish Warrior Session-Style IPA – Bronze

2021 North American Beer Awards:

  • Frost Hammer Helles – Gold
  • Vienna Lager – Silver
  • Ticklish Warrior – Bronze
  • Chainsaws & Boomsticks – Bronze
  • Nighttime Stories – Bronze

2020 Great American Beer Festival:

  • Built For Speed IPA – Gold

2020 Great American Beer Festival:

  • Built For Speed IPA – Gold

2020 Best of Craft Awards:

  • Frost Hammer Helles – Gold
  • Papermaker Pale – Silver
  • EGA IPA – Bronze

2019 Washington Beer Awards:

  • Austronaut Vienna-Style Lager – Gold
  • Dystopia IPA – Gold
  • Sickle & Scythe Hefeweizen – Gold
  • Papermaker Pale Ale – Gold
  • Luger Pilsner – Bronze

2019 North American Brewers Awards:

  • Sickle & Scythe Hefeweizen – Bronze
  • Ticklish Warrior Session IPA – Bronze

2018 Great American Brewers Festival:

  • Austronaut Vienna-Style Lager – Bronze

2018 Washington Beer Awards:

  • Luger Pilsner – Gold
  • Overkill IPA – Silver
  • Brewhouse Bully Belgian Dark Strong – Silver
  • Austronaut Vienna-Style Lager – Silver
  • Onslaught Imperial Hazy IPA – Silver
  • Papermaker Pale Ale – Bronze

‘Very Small Brewery of the Year’

2018 Washington Beer Awards